Laundromat Etiquette

Did you know there are dos and don'ts for hitting the laundromat? While these aren't hard and fast social etiquette rules, adhering to these guidelines can make your experience at the laundromat considerably more pleasant for you and your fellow washing companions. Here are some tips that will keep you from being "that guy or gal" at the laundromat. For the best prices on coin operated laundry equipment in Raleigh, NC, call T & L!

Sort it out at home. Before you arrive at the laundromat, sort your clothes into various loads at home. Taking care of this task before you come to the facility has a few benefits for you and those around you. First, sorting at home helps you know how many machines you will need. Planning ahead to know how many machines you will need can help ensure that you have enough cash on hand to wash and dry everything. Also, many laundromats are tight on space so spreading your two weeks' worth of laundry out on the floor to sort it can inconvenience the other patrons.

Don't drop and go. Everyone is busy and sitting around waiting for your washing machine to stop spinning when you have another quick errand to run can seem like a waste of time. However, once you get your machines loaded, wait for the first fill to occur. If something gets caught in the door of your machine and water begins flooding the floor and you're nowhere to be found, the staff is responsible for cleaning up your mess. Instead, wait the three minutes it typically takes for the machine to fill before you head out to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Don't overstay your welcome. Running across the street to get a sub or dropping your kid off at ball practice while your clothes wash? Great! Going to see a movie, grocery shopping or getting your nails done? May want to wait until your laundry is finished. Pay attention to how much time is on your machine when you start it and be back to remove your clothes promptly. This will help you get the job done faster and it frees up the machine for the next person in line.

Don't move other peoples' stuff. Basic laundromat code says that if someone has their basket in front of a machine, they intend to use it. Don't move someone else's laundry to use the machine. If laundry has been left unattended in the washing machine ask the attendant to move it for you, never move someone else's wet clothes out of the washer.

Keep it clean. When you have removed all of your clothes from your laundry baskets and bags, and there is hair, lint, or other debris in the bottom of them, don't shake it out on the floor. Instead, take the basket and bag outside to shake it or do so over a trash can.

While most of this may seem like commonsense, there are those people out there who will not follow these simple rules of etiquette in the laundromat. Choosing off times to do your laundry can be helpful if you find yourself annoyed by people who fail to follow these guidelines. For more etiquette tips, visit with our next post.

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