How to Pick the Best Laundromat for Your Needs

Dexter Dealers SCChoosing where to do your laundry can be confusing. While it may seem like going to the laundromat closest your home may be the right choice, the reality is that the one nearest to you may not be the best choice. Here are some things to consider before you head out to the laundromat. If you're looking for an alternative to Dexter dealers SC services, check out T & L! You'll love our customer oriented services.

Do you need a special machine?
If you are going to wash large or bulky items like comforters and blankets, you'll want to select a laundromat that has large capacity washers and dryers that can handle the bulk. Putting your bulky items in washers or dryers that are too small may cause damage to them.

Are they open when you want to wash?
Some laundromats are open 24/7, while others have set opening and closing hours. Finding a laundromat that fits your schedule can make doing your laundry a little more convenient. Having a broader range of time to choose when you can do your laundry can also help you avoid peak times when you could be stuck waiting for machines.

Is it clean?
Not all laundromats are clean. Taking your laundry to a dirty facility to get it clean is counterproductive. Dirty machines, folding tables, and laundry baskets aren't going to leave you feeling confident about how clean your clothing is. Opt to drive a little further for a laundromat that is clean with modern machines. Not only will you get a better clean for your clothes, but you'll also spend less time waiting for them to wash and dry.

What amenities do they offer?
Need to catch up on emails or the latest episode of your favorite show? Pick a laundromat that offers complimentary Wi-Fi for its customers. Don't have cash or time to stop by the ATM? Many laundromats now offer cashless payment options through apps on your phone that allow you to track your spending and pay via your credit or debit card. Other amenities you can find at laundromats can include coffee bars, snack machines, kids' play areas, and video games.

How easy is it to access the laundromat?
Parking near the door is key. Plenty of seating, folding tables, and laundry carts make using the laundromat more convenient.

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