Quick Tips for Cleaning Turnout Gear

Maytag Dealers in Charlotte, NCOver the course of the last few blog post we've talked about firefighting turnout gear, how to keep it clean and why it's so important to do so. We went into details previously, but today we are sticking with quick tips.

Below, you will find the essentials of cleaning turnout gear. Stop searching for Maytag dealers in Charlotte, NC and call T & L today for great prices and service.

  • Before you leave the scene of your last call, try to clean extremely noticeable contaminants. Use a brush or hose to get as much as possible off at the scene.
  • Once you're back at the fire station, take all components of the turnout gear and separate them. Be sure to wear exam gloves and eye protection while doing this so no contamination gets on your skin. Put pants, coat and lining in different piles. Deep clean stains, repair damage and close zippers, hooks and clasps.
  • If any of the gear is heavily stained, pretreat it before putting it into the washer.
  • Add gear into a specific machine for turnout gear separately. Never wash layers together. Wash in water no higher than 105°F. Make sure that you use a detergent that has been approved for cleaning turnout gear. Also, be sure to use a washing machine with G-forces that do not exceed 100g.
  • Once gear is cleaned, make sure you do an inspection of each piece. Make sure all stains are gone. If they're not, repeat the washing step.
  • If the gear is free from stains and clean, place it in the dryer. The dryer should be in a well ventilated area. Make sure it's away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, fabrics can degrade. Make sure before you put it in the dryer that all closures are fastened.
  • Reassemble the gear once everything is fully cleaned and dried. Make sure all the closures are fastened properly and then re-install the drag rescue device.
  • Make sure to keep the gear in a dry and well ventilated area once it's clean. Again, remember to keep it out of direct sunlight. Any type of direct light, including indoor lights can cause the material to degrade.

We hope this information helps you clean your turnout gear. If you missed our previous blog posts please be sure to visit back with those to learn more about how to clean and maintain gear in detail.

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