Is It Time to Replace My Hotel’s Laundry Equipment?

hotel laundry equipment in Greenville, SCAs a hotel owner, it can be challenging to keep track of all of the equipment that your business relies on to run each day. When one of your commercial washing machines breaks down and your staff is unable to meet your guests' linen needs, you suddenly become acutely aware of the age and status of your equipment. Feeling the pinch with repair costs, rising energy bills, and lost productivity can have you seriously considering whether it's time to replace that machine or whether it's worth repairing it one more time. The experts at T & L Laundry Equipment have put together a list of items for hotel owners to consider when it comes to their laundry room equipment. If you need new hotel laundry equipment in Greenville, SC, please give us a call.

The first question you need to ask yourself when it comes to your out of order equipment is what needs to be fixed? Industry experts advise that if the bearings on your machine go bad, it's time to start shopping for a new machine. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a bearing job to be completed on a machine. This repair is expensive and it also is a sign that there is a significant problem with this equipment. If the repairman says that your motor has gone bad, the time to shop for new equipment is now.

Depending on what type of hospitality business you are running and your volume of business, your laundry room may be able to get by with a used replacement machine. However, a machine that has about half of its life left and no warranty means that your bottom line is on the hook for all repairs that need to be made. The challenge is finding used equipment that is in good shape. The demand for used commercial laundry equipment is so high that you may need to weigh the cost of a new machine against lost productivity, guest inconvenience, and your short-term solution costs. Many hotel owners find that purchasing new hotel laundry equipment in Greenville, SC is a better investment in the long run. Saving time, energy costs, and protecting your operating budget with an energy efficient, warrantied machine may make the most sense for your bottom line.

In the hospitality business, half of what you're selling your guests is a clean room with fresh bed linens and fluffy, good smelling towels. With new hotel laundry equipment in Greenville, SC, you know that your housekeeping staff will be able to deliver this standard to your guests consistently. New machines have a higher spin speed available which allows more water to be extracted from your linens. Removing more of the excess water before the towels and sheets leave the machine helps your linens dry in less time. Reducing the amount of time your hotel's towels and sheets spend in the dryer helps increase their lifespan and reduces your linen replacement costs. The difference will become apparent to your housekeeping staff and your guests. Towels stay fluffier longer and sheets remain crisp.

Affordable Laundry Equipment in Greenville, SC for Hotels

Choosing the right equipment for your hospitality laundry can seem like a daunting task. With so many options and product lines available, many owners are just overwhelmed by the selection of new equipment. The staff at T & L Laundry Equipment is passionate about their products and they have made it their goal to be the experts on commercial grade laundry equipment. For more than 40 years, the T & L team has been the industry leader in product knowledge, commercial laundry layout, and equipment solutions for hotel owners. Our staff wants to make your equipment selection process as easy as possible. We proudly offer a complete selection of products from Continental and Speed Queen. From washer and dryers to flat finishers and folders, we have the right equipment for your laundry room.

At T & L we know that one size doesn't fit most. Our customers are different, and each hotel laundry is unique. Both Speed Queen and Continental offer a myriad of settings and functions that allow you to customize your commercial hotel laundry equipment in Greenville, SC completely. New machines are safer and more energy efficient. Built-in fire suppression systems help ensure that if something goes wrong, your employees and guests will be safe. Getting exactly the right equipment for your business has never been easier. Unsure if you have room to upgrade to larger capacity washers and dryers? Has your business outgrown your current equipment? The staff at T & L can help. We offer complimentary site visits to help our customers choose the best and most ergonomic layout for their equipment. While we are onsite, we can evaluate different machine layouts and configurations to help you get the right capacity machines for your hotel.

While the cost of getting a new machine is significantly more than purchasing a used machine, the risk of inheriting problems with a used machine that will require repairs outside of warranty is significant. For hotels that do the occasional batch of restaurant linens or a low volume of guest towels and sheets, used equipment may be an acceptable solution. The ability to get the features and functions you want from a used machine is low, and the demand on these machines may mean you find yourself settling for equipment that is less than ideal. Choosing to add new equipment to your laundry room means that you will be able to select the features and functions that matter most to you and your staff. Financing is available through T & L Laundry Equipment. Your salesperson can help guide you through the entire purchasing process, making it easier than ever to get the equipment you want with the financing you need.

Stop repairing old equipment that's nickeling and diming your bottom line. Call the experts at T & L Laundry Equipment and find out why hotel owners across the area are buying their new commercial laundry equipment from T & L. Let us put our 40 years of hospitality experience to work for your business and turn your laundry room into one of your hotel's biggest assets.

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