Washer Extractor Bearing Replacement

Huebsch Dealers in North CarolinaWhile you might not be concerned about bearing replacement or trouble with the bearings in your washers, it's a common issue that can happen. Bearings in commercial front load washers or washer extractors can fail over time. This can happen for various reasons. For the biggest part, this happens most commonly due to regular usage. Are you searching for Huebsch dealers in North Carolina for your laundromat? Why not try Speed Queen or Continental instead? Call T & L for more information.

Sometimes, bearing seal failure allows water to contact the grease and bearings. This can result in early failure. Also, an improper installation can cause this, as well. The result of a bad installation causes vibration during machine operation and subsequent bearing failure from the vibration. Thankfully, improper installation can be fixed. Our service techs are great at solving this type of problem.

How do you know if the installation isn't dependable? When the washer starts to pull up from the floor due to poor concrete, loosening installation bolts, low strength/quality bolts or other reasons.

Below, you'll find information regarding a potential bearing failure. It will help you to determine if replacement is needed.

Turn the tub located within the washer. Does it feel rough as it turns? Is it bumpy? If so, the bearings are probably no longer round. Or, there could be a damaged shaft in the tub.

The best way to tell if a replacement is needed is to try picking up on the inside of the tub. Do this by either by lifting on the inside of the top of the tub or by pulling up on the bottom inside lip of the tub. In either instance, if there is any give at all, meaning the tub can actually be picked up, the bearings could need to be replaced.

Of course, our service techs can help with this, as well. Those that are unsure about whether or not a replacement is needed can call us. Our company offers everything you need to ensure that you have the best washers and dryers and the best service as well!

We hope this information helps clarify washer extractor bearing replacement and other thoughts you might have regarding the entire process. To learn more, visit with our next blog post. We will pick up right where we left off.

Alternative Huebsch Dealers in North Carolina

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We offer commercial laundromat repair services that won't leave you waiting around for service. Our quality team can get in and out without the downtime you might be used to when machines needed to be repaired in the past.

Working with T & L will help you avoid downtime. We are a trustworthy laundry equipment dealer with a service department that won't disappoint. A service tech can come out and perform routine maintenance checks to ensure equipment is working properly.

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